Ever been given a kite and used it?

  • Given one but never used
  • Given one and used once or twice
  • Used one I was given

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Basically it’s one of those odd presents I never quite understood but maybe kite flying is easy and I was just with shit kite flyers. I live near a good kite hill. Are they actually amazing fun?


Same as you, Theo. Tried once or twice as a kid, but to no avail.


Remember trying it once as a <10 year old and it not being particularly successful.


kite flying is one of those things that looks easy as fuck. it really isn’t


It’s an absolute piece of piss you soft, soft lads


Alright Aggagg


I’ve never been given one but

when the kids were very small we bought them a very basic kite (think it was winnie the pooh or something)

Got that thing flying great on windy welsh beaches

Later my daughter won a fancy “stunt kite” thing (the kind with 2x bits of string to hold) - much trickier to fly for an extended period of time, but got some pretty decent swooping action going on