Ever been in the Houses of Parliament?

What’s it like?

I think so, when at school. Musty.


You and your class all did the hokey cokey with Tony Blair

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I went with school, met my MP at the time, got a pen! It’s big and establishmenty and I would definitely agree with musty. It’s also quite dark in there. Wouldn’t go again, the Senedd is nicer.


I can’t visualise restaurants and bars in there

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I’ve not been but I assume the bars and restaurants look the same as the uni dining halls at oxford (went with daughter to open day) - I.e “a bit musty”

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Yes. I went to meet a friend who was interning for a Lib Dem MP in her gap year in 2011 and she showed me all round.

We had a drink in the Lords bar, then a few drinks at Sport and Social, then we went on the roof (there’s a door just before Sport and Social which you can only get through with a pass, the Attorney General’s office is just inside there, then there’s a long, narrow spiral staircase where eventually you can go up and get into a generator room, then there’s a ladder with a hatch. Go through the hatch and you’re on the roof. The roof bits all have these ladders over them so we went up and down a ladder to not be found (if anyone was looking). Just chatted shit and watched the sun go down with a buzz on.

We then couldn’t find our way out and ended up going down a staircase which brought us out into the lobby between the Commons and the Lords and the security guards gave us SUCH a look. Good night.


Went for a meeting last year. It was cold, old, draughty, dark and a bit exciting.


That sounds like a


great day

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Yeah, did the tour when I was 12. Farted in the House of Commons.




Always imagined it’s like one of the bars at my work where the Tory students go to do politics via debate and getting freak guests in to do talks


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Is this a quote from Airplane?


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The House of Commons was smaller than I was expecting.

My friend used to work there in a non-political role, and used to get fed up a lot about how out of touch a lot of the coworkers were with how ordinary people lived.

Yep in 6th Form got a tour round it was interesting. We didn’t have enough passes for the gallery to watch anything in the Commons so me and a mate went to the pub instead. The person who served us id’d us twice even though we were the only people in there.

I’ve been on the tour. It was pretty interesting - definitely worth doing. I felt sorry for the tour guide though… Having to justify all the daft processes and traditions as our group of 50 scoffed at the ridiculousness of it all.

I did the tour when in sixth form too. We sat in the gallery and watched a bit of questions for the home secretary, which at that time was David Blunkett (that’ll date me).

Some of the details are scorched on my brain, such as Pugin and Mintons, the four-times-an-hour Post Office collection etc.

My trade unionist tutor pointed out Dennis Skinner walking past us

Went to a wedding there a few years back. The groom got mates rates for working in the treasury.