Ever been in The Zone?

That moment / period of time when you are doing something and it is totally natural and relaxed but you are just bossing it with almost zero effort.

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yeah used to get this with the classic Sega videogame Columns. Gems flying at super high speed and you just adapt really quickly and lose awareness of time.

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No. I’m far too conscious to ever be in a Zone.

Even when I go to the gym in classes i’ve been bossing for a year or so, i’m still like OH FUCK THIS IS HARD then i’m out of the zone.

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Bowling (both in cricket and ten pin) can be like this. Something about the conditions, your body or your muscles being just loose enough, and pure dumb luck mean that you can get into a groove where everything clicks.

I’ve had a couple of spells where this happens, and it feels amazing. Then you try and do exactly the same thing the next time and you end up chucking down a load of filth.


Sometimes when climbing, yeah - You start something that you think is going to be hard/beyond you and then the movements just make sense and you find your weight and focus is instinctively in the right places and you totally smash it.

I’ve done this before and then been unable to repeat the same climb.

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I remember a couple of occasions (one particularly) playing badminton matches and it is a strange and wonderful thing. It is like finding the sweet spot between straining every muscle to get it right and being totally relaxed. Weird sensation, almost euphoric

Taking a wicket lulls you intosuch a massive false sense of security. Most likely I’ll bowl a massive pie next ball.

It happens to even world class players. Batsmen often talk about having a day where the cricket ball looks like a football and they never miss it.

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Very on brand answer this: yes, a couple of times when playing Netrunner.

It’s a game based on hidden information and intuiting/reasoning what your outs are based on the game state and a bunch of information you can’t ever fully know, and the times where you get it right are amazing.

Remember a couple of times doing gigs with my old band. Not sure why but there were a couple of notable occasions were something just clicked and it all felt quite otherwordly. Like my hands were being propelled beyond my control, not missing a note and all in perfect time. It’s a beautiful buzz, but ever so rare.


On runs sometimes. If I’m out of the city on a long run can sometimes go 4 or 5km at a decent pace without really noticing or feeling like I’ve done any work

Oh driving. Sometimes I am just like 5 mins along and I can’t remember driving that last 5 mins

through a combination of an utter lack of technique, a gammy bowling arm and preferring pints to competition, i am terrible at bowling (ten pin obvs, not going to start doing irl sport).

is what im best at in all areas of life really

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Yep, it’s nowhere near a consistent enough thing. I think I need to accept that I’m the Kevin Shields of everything I do


Yeah, when I read the thread title I thought it was some weird Stalker reference being made