Ever been in The Zone?

Everyone’s picking Aztec because there was more chance of a Crystal Maze contestant falling into some water right?

Yeah that’s the best, especially if everyone’s having fun too

Oh absolutely no-one was having fun at our gigs


Came here to post something similar. There is no feeling in the world which compares with when you’ve gotten a climb at the absolute limit of your abilities down to a vertical dance of muscle memory. Pulling exactly the right amount to deadpoint every hold, perfect footwork and body tension, gliding through a sequence you’ve spent hours working on.




Sometimes I’ve been DJing - last Saturday night for instance - when everyone is totally into every track I put on and it all flows perfect. Part of it is me being in the zone but it also helps that the crowd was fully up for it.


not sure how I’m able to react so fast and accurately playing table tennis when in other aspects of my life I’m slow and clumsy. Feels good though

That is a great feeling, great buzz

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The zone for me is when your in one of those moods where your not second guessing yourself and your completely focused on what your doing


Yes - when mountain biking on single track (narrow twisty trails with occasional jumps, obstacles and stuff, usually in the woods)

When you are in that flow state there is nothing quite like it for me. Weighting and unweighting the bike, cornering like a boss, back wheel drifts etc. Other times I catch myself thinking about bullshit though, and it’s not as good

wait what

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I’ve literally been in Aztec, Industrial, Future and Medieval cos I did that Crystal Maze experience lark. It was really good and I won one crystal and I was proud.


Yes Jooky! Mental?

Not any more, the docs gave me the all clear


:scream: HOWHY

Found my old Gameboy a couple of months ago and played Super Mario Land all the way through without dying. It was a strange mix of nostalgic euphoria, muscle memory and a zen like trance. Beautiful.



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holyheck. somehow work me into the conversation please. DO IT. DO IT.

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