Ever been on a booze cruise?

Ever been on a booze cruise? I haven’t

Definition of a booze cruise: Crossing an international border specifically to buy a load of booze for personal consumption, eg if you’re having a big party or wedding. You return on the same day and you don’t do anything else holiday or business related while you’re there.

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Yep, over the border from France into Spain to buy loads of cheap spirits.


No but I want to

Yeah, as a kid. Worth it for the odd feeling of going to and from France in a day


I don’t get why you’d bother

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Bit Tory.

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Yes, for my own wedding.


No, but I have done a couple of two night cruises to Belgium and did drink a lot of booze on them.

I was hoping to hear about non Dover\ Calais cruises. Strap yourselves in everyone, raners is about to give is one hell of an anecdote!

grandparents used to do this with fags, which they’d then sell on to newsagents, pubs etc. think they got busted once in the late 80s (cartons of fags hidden under the carpets/behind the dash etc) but they definitely continued to do it during my childhood, so :man_shrugging:


Yes, but I do live in south east England, and was of drinking age before the channel tunnel opened.

how many cartons of fags can you get in those spaces?

you ran out of beer but had fuckloads of wine left I take it?

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Can I just shock you, it was the opposite smee. That photo was only the red and the prosecco, another wall was lined with boxes of white wine and lager.

Ah, that makes sense

Can I just shock you, it is not much of an anecdote smee.

i’ll ask and get back to you within 7 days

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Going on another with a m9 next month for his wedding as it happens.

so is it still worth it cost wise or do you do it for the quality of the wine?