Ever been on a helicopter?

Did you enjoy it?

fucking years ago, it was to go over a field that had been planted with flowers so it looked like van goghs the sunflowers, thinkiong back the flowers were probaly sunflowers.
anyway i was about 8 and while i hated flring i fucking loved being in a helicopter.

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sat in one. a Seaking, if I remember rightly. didn’t take off though

held a machine gun that day, too. felt great

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Got married on a mountain, went up in a helicopter. Enjoyed it, though there was an element of fear there.


thi sounds fucking awesome, dude!

Over the Grand Canyon. It was pretty amazing.


I have not. Probably wouldn’t like it anyway. Can’t imagine the toilet situation is that great.


Did the Grand Canyon. Really good. It was a week after a previous helicopter had crashed there. There was still a space at the airport where it had previously sat.

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Didn’t tell anyone we were getting married, went on holiday to New Zealand and did it there. Spent the morning at a go-kart/luge park, got married in the afternoon, wine and pizza in the evening. Would recommend.

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Yeah, loads of times. It is part of parcel of working offshore.

Did the safety training where they put you in a fake helicopter and crash is underwater, meaning you have to escape. Was pretty fun. Actually flying in them offshore is quite mundane, as they look like aeroplanes on the inside, with the same fixtures and fittings, but everyone is wearing big heavy watertight suits and lifejackets and breathing aparatus, which is a little disconcerting.

Landing on a platform was hair raising, mind you. But otherwise, the novelty wore off pretty quickly to be frank.

I haven’t but…

I always liked my friend’s story of having gone up in one with a couple of pals at some local fair where you could pay for five minute rides. His friend kept asking the pilot if he could do a loop the loop and the pilot said that that wasn’t possible.

His friend kept insisting that he’d seen it done and the the pilot was flatly rebuffing him saying he couldn’t have.

Then he revealed where he’d seen it…“Blue Thunder”. A terrible 80s film about a top secret experimental helicopter programme.

Cool story bro, etc.


this is awesome, man. awesome

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Sheeldz when you’re flying off shore do you ever pretend you’re in air wolf and hum the little synth bit in your head?


Some of that sounds pretty scary. Isn’t there quite a lot of helicopter crashes to and from rigs?

Once, airlifted off a mountain to hospital. Don’t remember much cause of the fairly serious concussion

Yes. For travelling between islands off the coast of Queensland, Australia and to get to/from a glacier in New Zealand.

A helicopter can do a loop the loop though.


I have no idea. This was the late 80s though. I’d side with the helicopter pilot over my friend’s mate.

So did you go on a helicopter or not?

appaz it feels like it’s going too slow to stay up (if you’re used to flying in planes i guess)