Ever been outside and

you start thinking or have a feeling that maybe the outside isn’t really outside and it’s like a big roof? Then you just desperately want to get outside but you never can!

It’s horrible.


no, sorry, but that sounds stressful


it’s weird buddy, I don’t know if it’s quite claustrophobia or agoraphobia or what but just this sense that something isn’t right

no but i often look up and get scared of the sky.

  • this has happened to me
  • u wot m9

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i too am a roof earther. good to finally meet some like minded scholars.


I like the sky, especially if there’s some clouds about to give it a sense of perspective. A whole wash of grey nothing is unsettling though

sometimes look up and zoom up imagining myself as this tiny irrelevant thing on a huge planet in a huge universe and it does my nut a bit


yeah scale can be really profoundly unnerving, like those charts where they show you the scale of the sun compared to certain other stars and it’s a tiny spec. :frowning:

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I think London feels like this when it’s sunny.

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I’ll tell you a little secret though: I kind of like feeling a bit fucked up and unsettled sometimes

mildly have thalassophobia too. don’t mind being on a boat too much or going over the sea in a plane, but fuck getting in it.


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it’s weird how sometimes when you think about being dead it’s fine and just a peaceful nothing but other times you think about all the stuff going on after you’re dead and you can’t do shit and it breaks your brain

But if you can’t handle Bam at his worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve him at his best.

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The curvature of the earth gives the sky a dome effect.


It’s nice imho

can you actually see this?

if the clouds are right for sure

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that’s pretty cool I’ll have to look out for this