Ever been selected for jury service?

Received the letter this week, stating that I’ve been selected for two weeks’ jury service at the end of October. Pay is not great - £64.99 a day - so I’ll be losing money (fucking hell), although they do pay travel and lunch expenses, so could claw back some money there.

Mate of mine was selected a few years back, but was never actually put forward to serve on a jury. So a lot of waiting around for nothing.

Your experience?



no, I’d refuse if they asked me.

actually that’s not true, I just wouldnt know it was happening because I don’t open my mail

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go and nulify the jury if its for something like robbery, or just say you’re fucking insane or something.


Have done it, was worth doing, would do again.

This will now turn into a thread in which the people of DiS explain why they are far too important to do jury duty, because the world cannot function without them for a week.

I don’t believe in prisons. they don’t exist

I got a letter, went along, sat around, wasn’t picked, sat around a bit more in case anything else needed people, nothing else did, got sent home.

Bad stuff: It was a rape trial, pretty glad I didn’t get selected.



I’ve had the letter through a few times, but I’m not allowed to sit on a jury (too bossy or something like that) and I have to wend the letter back to tell them I’m ineligible, so I’ve never had the chance.
From my experience of the criminal justice system, there is a lot of waiting around but some people find it interesting. Some find it bleak.
I don’t actually agree with juries tbh. most are very well meaning but- overwhelmingly, IME- they are not capable of understanding the subtleties of the points they have to confine their reasoning to, no matter how ably guided by the relevant judge.


Would like to, tbh.

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Luckily not selected so far.

I’d try and get out of it by saying that if I found out the person on trial was a Brexit-er, I’d find them guilty.


you’re on a list of people who can’t be on a jury because you’re too bossy? :smiley:


The trick is to say you’re prejudiced against all religions


(solicitor, innit- the reasoning being that we’ll railroad the other jurors with our non-layman take on things in a bossy way). :rofl:


I would immediately quit my job and resign from the roll if selected.


I did it when I was 18, which was annoying as I was a student so didn’t really have any expenses to claim back.

ended up sat there doing nothing for the first week because the case we got put on was thrown out in minutes because there was basically no evidence at all and the judge was well pissed off.

second week we got a trial for some guy who got caught smuggling drugs into the country from Ecuador. was so obviously guilty, cover story was utter bullshit, basically hinged on him being the most gullable and oblivious person ever, and I think everyone knew it. deliberation did not take long.

would not like to do it again

“That’s fine, the defendant is an atheist.”
“I’m DOUBLY prejudiced against atheists.”

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do any jurors take the secrecy thing seriously btw? i know two people who have been on jurys and the case is all they’ve talked about for the duration of the trial.


Wife got selected a couple of times in the last few years and has written back saying she can’t do it because she’s doing childcare and they’ve let her off. Will try that too if I get selected.

I really need to get started on this kids scam