Ever been stranded anywhere?

Me? No

Closest I got was being in Sheffield when in college (on a college night) after missing the last train. Me and my mate had to share a taxi with 4 strangers going somewhere completely different. I had to sit on the floor of it

Huddersfield station at around 2.30am in December
Had been out drinking in York and got the last train back to Leeds where I lived. Fell asleep on the nice warm train and woke up with a developing hangover in Huddersfield. Went to McDonalds. Tried to keep warm. Saw some sights of nightclubs emptying. CBA waiting until 5am for the first train back. Paid £40 for a taxi instead.

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Manchester (when i lived elsewhere). Slept in Piccadilly station
Liverpool airport (if this counts) as the last bus had left. Not even a chair to sit on. Slept on a ledge thing.
London. Ridiculous train cancellations after my 40th. Slept in a horrible hostel in Kings Cross.

Sure there’s loads of other more interesting ones but these are most recent.

How boring.

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Feel free to use this thread in a few days if any users are stranded here after the migration


Slept in train stations/bus stops/benches loads of times don’t know if that counts as it was a decision to stay out rather than going home


Did you ever get approached by e.g. a homelessness outreach team?

Up my asshole


Las Vegas. I was on a different flight from my mates but our flights departed at the same time. Except it turned out mine had been moved to a few hours earlier, so by the time I got to the airport bit had already gone.

They managed to get me on a flight the next day and I considered sleeping in the airport but decided instead to look for the cheapest room I could afford, which was hooters resort. It was pretty grim, just wasn’t in the mood for it at all (not sure I ever would be in a hooters mood tbh).

Got moved on by security and the police a few times, no biggie

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Dropped my ticket getting on a night train from Krakau to Prague so was forced to get off at a station on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. Had to wait outside until the next train to Brno arrived at about 8am because the ticket office was locked. Thought about trying to go into the town but I had no way of knowing how far away it was and was scared of getting lost.

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Douglas, Isle of Man.

I have slept in Manchester Piccadilly and London Victoria stations from time to time as a result of being stranded.

Only in my own mind, and London Euston once after watching whitehouse.

Oh, and the black country once when i got the wrong train back from wolves as a young punk.

At 42 im sure there’s more but :person_shrugging:

Yes, London and Valencia.

Yeah, Davidoff Cool Manchester Picadilly station

Oh, and Glasgow too, I guess. Slept on some factory floor in the Gorbals before someone sorted out a lift Stirling in the back of someone’s van the next day.

Lived in Sheffield and went to a gig in Manchester, booked a train for just after midnight but forgot that meant I was booking it for earlier that morning lol. Ended up going to some club that @anon45164313 recommended and some girl sat on my lap while her boyfriend was off his nut dancing

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This was 12 years ago, how time flies (it doesn’t)

London. Ended up missing last train but we were so wasted we just kept on walking around the area and walked and walked and walked with no sense of direction or purpose. Ended up riding then driving a rikshaw and at a couple shady clubs and somehow inexplicaply after 3hrs we ended up back where we started as far as i can tell by complete accident. It was very cold. I had blue hands - we felt very sick the day after almost got detained at brighton station as my friend had lost their train ticket in the process and i spent all my money on jagers in the dodgy club… spoke to and met sone lovely canadians and lead a conga line around a mcdonalds near Victoria

Yeah only stranded for 3hrs but it was a weird 3hrs
Surprised it ended as well as it did tbh

Slept outside Tours train station when I was doing a charity hitchhike to Morocco as we got dropped off in the city and couldn’t find a ride out. The station closed at 2am or something so me and my two friends bunked up outside next to a guy who was a former soldier or something, we were a bit scared of him but realised the next morning the fact we’d been next to this huge grizzled dude in camo probably deterred any trouble