Ever been stung by a jellyfish?

Apparently due to the heat there’s a large presence of jellyfish in the sea at Brighton but as a certified #madlad I’m trying not to let it dissuade me from taking a dip.

Anyone ever been stung by one? How bad is it?

Pseudoscience chat also encouraged, I’ve been told that neither vinegar or peeing on it like in Friends works.

Yes. It was annoying but not too bad.

Somewhere between a nettle and a wasp.

Will vary a LOT depending on the type of jellyfish though…


I was stung by one on Sunday. It was pretty much the same pain level as a stinging nettle.

i’d piss on any of you if required


Did a swim with a whale shark in Western Australia back in the day like a total gap year wanker and there were jelly fish fucking everywhere. Probably got about 20 stings that day - were like a more intense stinging nettle burn. Vinegar certainly seemed to help…

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yeah, £8 for a tiny pot of honey!



Yes. Hurts a bit, more of a discomfort than proper pain really. I’m still here to tell the tale.

No, but I regularly piss on my own legs anyway to make sure I’m prepared.


Think you should be more concerned by snakes than jellyfish tbh.

Pretty sure my piss-soaked legs will keep the snake away too.

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Depends on the jellyfish. I’ve been stung twice. Not nice but very small surface area was stung. One of my mates got one caught up in her watch and jewellery and that left some bad stings. An old housemate got stung by a box jellyfish and his heart stopped on the beach…so avoid those ones.


Everybody pees in the sea anyway. Those jellyfish have already been neutralised


What if this snake likes it though, didn’t think of that did you?

My brother swam through one when we were on a sailing holiday in Greece. Think he was probably about 12 at the time. Thrashed his way back to the boat howling iirc, but since I’m his big brother I didn’t really pay much attention.

You’ve got to play the odds with stuff like this, haven’t you.

Something stung me on my bum in the sea in Alicante a couple of years ago. Think it might’ve just been a sea urchin though.

Think I just rubbed some anti septic cream on it.

Notoriously pervy creatures, those.


Actually don’t think I’ve ever been stung by anything more mobile than a nettle.

Bet everyone’s exaggerating about the pain though.

I witnessed a teenager go into anaphylactic shock after being stung by a jellyfish while we were on a family holiday when I was 8. Was mad seeing the ambulance race onto the beach and them doing the defibrilator thing on the sand while a big crowd gathered round

didn’t fancy swimming much after that

Swedish west coast has mad jellyfish during the summer, not too keen on them either

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