Ever been stung by a jellyfish?

Were they OK? (after the heart stopping incident obv)

Paramedics had to be called out to recusitate I think, he was fine after that. He didn’t even tell me when he came back, it came up weeks later when his girlfriend casually mentioned it

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Yep, a few times. Mildly irritating but not unbearable.

Worst was when I trod on a weaver fish. Fucking hell, that was sore

don’t go into the sea if you can avoid it


When I was 4 a wasp flew up my nostril and stung me and died

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when I was 10-12ish I was running down an alley and a wasp flew in and stung me in the neck I panicked and swiped at it and knocked it in half and the abdomen and stinger was still stuck in my neck!

Wasps eh?

Was it alright?

wait…ive always been terrified of getting stung by a jellyfish and…it’s less pain than a wasp?

fucks sake.


I’m also factoring in the fear factor of anything at all touching you whilst youre in the sea or open water which is 1000x scarier than a friendly young wasp inspecting you.


God I hate the sea.

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piss doesn’t work. Epimer has been pissing all over himself for no reason. Or, for another more odd reason maybe.

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My dad got stung by a jellyfish when he was at the beach with my mum, but I’m unsure if there was any piss involved

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Loads of colleagues got stung in panama and it was annoying but not too bad, but one girl came up in a huge rash all up her leg that stayed for weeks.



the wasp died, I’m sorry

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It’s ok, it was them or you.


I’ve killed a wasp in cold blood before, I actually feel pretty bad about that now I’m older

It was probably plotting against you though.