Ever bought anything from Asos? Their own brand stuff I mean

If so any good?

yeah, it’s generally very shit

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Novelty socks with kittens wearing santa hats for the TV for Christmas. They were fine

Bought a peacoat. Wasnt even made of peas!

I like it and it’s lasted 2 years

Bought a cape. It’s super.

I’ve got an Asos suit. It’s simultaneously shite and my best suit.

This is because it is my only suit.


I have returned every item of clothing I’ve bought from ASOS because their sizing is nonsense.

What kind of t shirts?
I tend to find skateboarding brands favour a longer line cut (zoo York especially)

Was looking at cadigans myself but just wonder how their sizi is

*cardigans *sizing

more like aso-so right guys? guys? am i right? guys? guys?

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Currently rocking some Asos jeans. Experienced crotch blowout within a year. Got them patched and it’s going again.

So yeah - poor quality; avoid.

Bought my wedding suit from Asos. Looked the business on the day but I’m not expecting to get much life out of it.

It’s also got a reputation for treating its staff terribly. Like, SportsDirect badly:

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think the asos own brand is fine, cheap and cheerful innit

Quality of materials is shite, doesn’t look like the pictures, uses child labour and sweatshops, treats workers like shit in the UK.

Cheap for a reason.

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Got a pair of boots from them and they’re great. Someone even asked me where they were from the other day as well, so check me out being a fashion icon or something