Ever bought anything from Asos? Their own brand stuff I mean


If so any good?


yeah, it’s generally very shit


bought a cardigan, too yellow


Novelty socks with kittens wearing santa hats for the TV for Christmas. They were fine


Bought a peacoat. Wasnt even made of peas!

I like it and it’s lasted 2 years


Bought a cape. It’s super.


I’ve got an Asos suit. It’s simultaneously shite and my best suit.

This is because it is my only suit.


I have returned every item of clothing I’ve bought from ASOS because their sizing is nonsense.




while there’s a clothes thread - where’s a good place to get tshirts when you’re a lanky cunt?

would wear medium/large ideally but they’re never long enough & have to get XL and it looks like i’m the 90s.


What kind of t shirts?
I tend to find skateboarding brands favour a longer line cut (zoo York especially)


Was looking at cadigans myself but just wonder how their sizi is


*cardigans *sizing


think it was a bit smaller than I expected


dunno, ones that cover my torso without looking like a tent, mostly. i had some etnies ones that were decent, they’re a skate brand aren’t they? might be a good shout.


It’s very hit and miss, bought a black jumper not too long ago and after like 3 washes it went that dead black colour that makes an item of clothing look about ten years old


more like aso-so right guys? guys? am i right? guys? guys?


Currently rocking some Asos jeans. Experienced crotch blowout within a year. Got them patched and it’s going again.

So yeah - poor quality; avoid.


Bought my wedding suit from Asos. Looked the business on the day but I’m not expecting to get much life out of it.


It’s also got a reputation for treating its staff terribly. Like, SportsDirect badly: