Ever considered becoming a magistrate?

Prompted by the grass thread, I suppose. It’d be quite an interesting thing to do I guess, but I’d feel a bit hypocritical handing down punishments for offences I disagreed with or for things like speeding which I’ve done myself.

I worry that it would conflict with my many, many duties as a Commissioner of Oaths.

“Here’s a fiver. Tell that bloke he’s a cock.”

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No, I think you can do anything more or less, as long as you’re of “good character”. Think there are some exceptions for lawyers or police officers, for obvious reasons.

They’re not good characters?

I set them up… etc, etc.

She says that about all of us though.

That’ll do. Welcome to the bench!

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Here’s the actual boring answer if you’re interested (which I doubt)

misread as “commissioner of OATS”

which is a position you are nowhere near qualified for imo

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You’re absolutely right tbf, I couldn’t handle that kind of responsibly.

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Would I get a wig?

If you want.

Well I love wigs and judging people so I’m a definite yes.