Ever fallen in love with an inanimate object?

My boyfriend is stationary most of the time, does that count

Edit: fixed a crucial typo; this is not the “do you always have a pen with you” thread


Ever fallen in love
In love with an inanimate
An inanimate object
An inanimate object
You shouldn’tve fallen in love with



Never noticed his admirer before


…and why does it look like Jemaine Clement?

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I was thinking more “petrified beaver”

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I bet you were, you dirty bollocks.

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One of my mates happened to be in Berlin the week the wall came down by complete chance, think he’d have been about seven. His mum took loads of photos of him dismantling parts of it with a hammer and chisel, and there’s TV footage of him, a little kid in a bright jumpsuit symbolically tearing down the Iron Curtain and celebrating with crowds of Germans.

He’s never once told this anecdote to my knowledge. Completely unarsed. Had a shoebox full of pieces of history and just chucked it in the bin. Asked him once when we were pissed if he ever thought about how cool that was, to literally be provably there for one of the biggest events in world history and he just shrugged. I regularly tell people about the time I saw Lee Sharpe in Tesco. People are different aren’t they.