Ever felt/been wooed?

Not sure someone has specifically attempted to woo me in the past. Had a couple people attempt to seduce me but that feels more direct/explicit.

Have YOU ever done a good woo? I’ve definitely done a few in my time.


Chance woold be a fine thing


having someone attempt to seduce you is the fucking best



I wouldn’t mind being wooed by a political lobby group but I think even if I were single I’d feel odd wooing these days. But more because it’s feel goofy/forced I reckon

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have never picked up on any form of wooing or attraction of any kind unless some has explicitly stated it to me in no uncertain terms.

You can just say ‘the dis love life thread’ etc etc etc

i could go for some wood right now


“You’re being wooed right now safari”
“I am? Oh baby

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literally never. probably never will.

I definitely used to think wooing was the way to go, but nowadays it would feel weird and creepy to do, even though part of me still feels like it would be romantic because of John Hughes films.

I think I might have wooed my (until extremely recently) partner - not sure where the line is between seduction and wooing, or is wooing something completely different?

Wioing has died a death since the advent of The Apps, and that’s probably not a bad thing.

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Nor since circa 1997 I don’t think

Yeah. It’s horrible.