Ever gone mountain biking?

This is the second in a weekly series where I, Jonathan Frakes, ask the Drowned In Sound community questions taken from the show Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction which I hosted from 1998 - 2002.

So, have you?

  • I have gone mountain biking
  • I have never gone mountain biking

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I’ve said that I have gone mountain biking, but by that I mean I have went on a mountain bike. I have not biked on a mountain.

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What the fuck’s it to you, Frakes?


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I’ve said that I have not gone mountain biking, but by that I mean I have not biked on a mountain. I have went on a mountain bike.

Really mountain biking is a mis named sport

It was all driven by marketing, some bike companies called them All Terrain Bikes or ATB, others Mountain Bikes or MTB

MTB won, but you really do not need to be on a mountain to go mountain biking

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Some of the best mtbing I have done has been nowhere near a mountain


Yes I have

Nah jk

Went out on my mountain bike yesterday but I deliberately rode it on the least mountainous bit of North Kent I could find cos of the old post viral fatigue. YOU HAPPY NOW RYKER? ARE YOU?

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Its quite big in New Zealand I think. A pals pal does it and is always injuring himself

I don’t even have a mountain, let alone a bike


Yes. It’s a rich person’s game really. What Big Cycle™ never tells you is that it’s not much fun if you’ve got a shit mountain bike.

If you own a budget bike, your arse takes a proper battering when you’re going downhill on account of having poor suspension. When you’re going uphill, the weight of the frame is too much for you to realistically keep up with those with expensive bikes.

Not a very inclusive hobby at all.

This is all pretty much bollocks, but hey


Whoa! I have never been anywhere near an actual mountain on a mountain bike :frowning:

Fell like a phoney

This is nonsense.

Some mountain bikes have no (rear) suspension at all, even decent expensive ones. You’re supposed to get out of your seat either way.

In summary “yr doin it wrong”