Ever got something stuck in another thing?


Head stuck in a fence? Arm stuck in a staircase? Pea stuck in an ear? Leg stuck in a puddle?

Talk about things being stuck in other things in here if you want.

This is NOT the Thursday filth thread so keep it clean, friends


Nothing specific comes to mind, but I really really really hate getting something stuck. That panic. Ugh.


DiS Classic:


I was once home alone at the school holidays and it was a hot day, so I opened the freezer to get some ice and put my hand on the inside…and it stuck, naturally.

Cue me panicking a bit. I could read the switch so I actually turned off the fridge freezer thinking it would defrost enough to free me. Obviously my hand’s heat and ambient temperatures did that within a minute.


subthread : stories about “dog knotting” please.

is this a real thing?

no need to name names. pretend it happened to “a friend” if you like.


P in V


There are some styles of ladies dresses/tops that you get on but if they’re a bit tight getting them off can’t be a nightmare. There have been a few occasions in store changing rooms where I’ve been stuck and have contemplated ripping the garment to get free which is far less embarrassing than asking for help.


head in a metal fence circa 8 years old


I wouldn’t like this at all, why are changing rooms in shops so hot all the time as well?




Still wears that fence to this day.


yeah, he was hammered on NYE. Seemed like a good idea


he’s still there. just built an entire life around the situation. now has three kids also stuck


I once put my arm through the gap between the top of the seat and the handrail on a bus and had a struggle getting it back out. Those 30 seconds of pure panic are quite something.


Also why is the lighting really designed to emphasize tubbiness


And thinning hair i seem t remember


I got my thumb stuck in the metal tubing of a chair once. I was in French class at school. Zut alors.


Got stuck in a hole in a cave once when I used to do caving.

On the way out I’d I got to about 100m from the entrance when I got really tired. I’d been down there for about 6-7 hours by this point, and I’d been training some fresher who hugely fucked up at one point earlier in the day and I had to help him out, so I was exhausted by that point and couldn’t climb up through this hole. The fresher in question tried to push me up but he was knackered after said fuck-up so he couldn’t do much. We’d taken so long that someone else from our group had to come back into the cave and clip me to his gear and pull me out.


That sounds fucking horrible mate, why did you do those things?


worst. nightmare.