Ever had an overwhelming sense of impending doom from a glass of cider?

How about an incapacitating feeling of malaise from a can of Fanta?

Me either.

Once had a debilitating impression of ennui from a chinotto Sanny P.


He’s Canadian, so I assume it was non-alcoholic cider. Which, if anything, is much funnier.

Got a boner off Dr Pepper

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I had no idea what this thread was about, but it’s fucking Jordan Peterson isn’t it? Fuck, how do I know that.

Impending sense of Jordan Peterson from a diet coke feisty cherry

The daily what now?

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Diamond White can do that to a person. I’ve sen this happen

With or without dark fruits?

Give it to me straight, like an overwhelming sense of impending doom from a glass of pear cider that’s 100% pear


When I was about 17 me and some mates went to a local pub that was a bit out of town, enough to be considered a “country pub” I guess, anyway, as part of its vibe it had local scrumpy in boxes behind the bar. I drank it all evening because it was ridiculously strong but only the same price as any other drink and I’m an idiot. Played the best pool of my life, then a friend had to help me get home because I tried to crawl back by following the helpful white lines in the middle of the road. He slept on my bedroom floor bless him, though it was a wise move because I pissed the bed. Didn’t touch cider again for over a decade.


me after half a pint of magners


Impending Doom Bar