Ever had any brushes with fate?

Key moments in your life that could have gone one way or the other?

I can only think of the time I was held at gunpoint and the time I was nearly squished by a stack of Royal Mail crates.

Oh I guess at one point I wanted to be an actor but then they only cast me as the wolf in The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe so fuck 'em!

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I’m sure some of you have led much more interesting lives so would be cool to hear fun stories

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I got run over in Brixton once, was completely fine but could’ve been completely dead.


No mate I have not been held at gunpoint


any fun stories though?

woah, that sucks, glad you were ok though. Bet that was quite a shock!

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Yeah, had an absolutely glorious chance at the back post in a primary school game against our closest village in year 4 which would have given the school our first victory in years and I completely fucked it.

Genuinely think I am a completely different person with a completely different life if I just slot it home but I fucked it.


but you wouldn’t know the sweet taste of humble pie

When I climbed Ben Nevis it took way longer than expected and i got impatient to get back down quicker and tried sliding down the side of a few sections and in one I just went arse over tit and rolled a couple of times and for real thought I was a goner. Did absolute wreck my boots and had to hobble the rest of the way. Oops.


That’s true but I would know the delicious taste of victory and heroism so maybe the taste of humility would be sour and disgusting to me in that timeline

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oh god, I hate heights, probably would have died from a heart attack anyway

None where I’m aware of a significant near-miss like yours. Best I can give you is that a few Glastonburies ago I was dancing unawares right next to Tilda Swinton, so who knows how things might’ve turned out for me if I’d turned round and our eyes had met.


good stuff. might have stood on her toes and made her cross!

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somebody here has probably auditioned for a famous TV role right? Like Dr Who or something?

With the state I was in, that would have been a very strong possibility

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While trying to clean the gutters on our house, my extension ladder gave way about 25 feet up due to a huge wind gust. Had to let it go and drop down. Thankfully it was on grass and not concrete. Only really twisted my ankle.

Also been in the bucket of a boom lift about 60 feet up when the hydraulic hose snapped and dropped me about 30 feet. Luckily had a harness and lanyard on for that one.

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guess you’re ok with heights then!

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I have had brushes fated to be painted with and others fated to brush hair (haha!)


Almost got squished by a lorry once on my way to a waitressing job. It blew through a red light, I had my earbuds in, the driver was turned in his seat talking to his mate who then saw me and tried getting his attention. I just about hopped out of the way and the sensation of the whoosh as the truck passed right by me shook me up pretty big but I had to go dish out mediocre pizzas and pasta dishes at a chain restaurant in Ilford so there was no time to dilly dally.


I was a silly 13yo running across the road without looking and was hit. I flew up in the air and smashed their windscreen and rolled off the bonnet and landed hard on the ground. What saved me was my ass length hair in a big bun which took the shock of the fall. I was bruised but fine. I even ran home. Thank you God for giving a little dumbass like me another chance :pray:t5: