Ever had Daytona Sauce?

No idea what it is

Sounds made up mate

No, but

It’s an Indy forum, someone must have.


i think it sounds nice

I agree, I would try it if it existed

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lets invent it

Good idea!

I think we should start with dill and something acidic?

tbh mate I think that’s completely wrong. I’d probably go with a mixture of bbq sauce, hot sauce, honey, soy, garlic, some chilli pepper and a bit of sugar.

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sauce with dates

like a sweet thing you put on dessert

That sounds like it already exists?

done yourself there tbh

Never, what’s the kimchi sauce you get in sainsbury’s like?

How come?

i don’t know why you did it but you did!


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You’ve done me like a kipper there you sly bastard