Ever had one of those days where you feel like you’re really shit at everything & that everything you try and do is completely pointless? (Possibly rolling)

Yeah, I’m having one of those days

Totally hopeless

You too? Vent here;

Also, possible remedies please

Yeah boy. Today is the day.

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Welcome to… life?


This. Feelin’ useless high five!

~Misses, punches small child in the face, is forced to live in the woods to avoid the shame~


This is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife, etc

Unfortunately ^this :-1:

I guess I should check my ’this is a rare occurrence for me’ privilege :frowning:

But at the same time I have developed absolutely no coping mechanism for this dread

Any advice/tips ? (Anyone)
Or should I just be all like fuck it ?

uh huh


Might not really be relevant to your situation but I try and remember the various thinking errors that crop up when feeling like shit. Standard CBT stuff. It’s all about trying to catch yourself before you get into a, “damn it I’m just an awful person” spiral of horror.

Have a look at this worksheet, it might help.


That might be useful, thanks :pray:t3:

I mean, I’m fairly sure it’s not actually me who’s the problem, it’s just a few untimely coincidences and whatnot but what if it actually IS me?

This is where I am at right now in my thought process, going round & round & round


The other thing I try to remember to do when stuff is ruminating round my head is to try and outline what I think is the problem then imagine it’s one of my mates telling me this and think on what I’d say to them. Because we’re always dicks to ourselves in ways we’d never be to other people we care about. Chances are you’d tell them they’re overreacting and worrying too much for starters.

Cheers for the advice, very useful. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Yes! I am really thankful that today is not one of those days and things are manageable and I’ve not cocked anything up (so far as I’m aware).

It happens though, to everyone. What makes you shine (or saves your skin, depending) is how you deal with it.

You’ve got this! shakes pompoms

Cheers. I haven’t killed anyone I guess so that’s something I suppose

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tend to avoid it by not trying to do anything and browsing the internet instead

Oh so much this. Give me a day when three random unlikely things go annoyingly wrong and you can guarantee I’ll lose my shit somewhere along the line.

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Here I am :raised_hand:t3:

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had a plane crash nightmare last night - get these a lot - so feel like proper shit today :cowboy_hat_face:

Alright Thom Yorke/Buddy Holly