Ever had your palm read or fortune told?

What did they say?
I still vividly remember when I was about 13 some May fair amateur telling me I’d die at the age of 50 in Las Vegas in controversial circumstances. Don’t really mind how bored she was, quite fancy making it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anyways anyone else indulged in this tosh?
Such a Pisces thread to make, I know!

I haven’t but I like the thought of seeing someone who is basically a counselor but adds a bit storytelling, symbols and allegory to make it all a bit more exciting and beautiful.

I might resurrect my DiS Horrorscopes

I think it’s probably good not to think of it as anything but funny escapism lest it is taken advantage of

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or just something to inspire self-reflection

Hall of mirrors are better for that tbf

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I think tarot is the one that most appeals to me, I like the characters

they told me that one day I would post in this very thread!

Does tarot count? If so, yes.

I give tarot readings from time to time.

I once had my dreams analysed, if that counts. I was told that GOD wants me to write. Then they started praying.

My late mother in law and my sister in law were / are big fans. My SIL in particular, like she travels back to her home town from where she’s moved now so can go see a particular psychic when she’s available. I think she honestly sees it as a form of therapy, she offloads what she’s worried about and hears reassuring stuff in response. I don’t even know how much she believes in it.

I had a Tarot reading once when I had to write a newspaper story about the opening of a crystals shop, the lady was fun, but I can’t remember a thing she said so it can’t have been very engaging.

bit different to palm reading etc though isn’t it… I mean… Jung was onto something…

far cheaper too.

Yeah mate, down the fortune teller every week, me.

Is this sarcasm


I still don’t understand the joke really but ok