Ever have one of those days where you're physically incapable of getting any work done? (banal?)


checks watch

Zero points for “yes mate, I call them weekdays!!”


I really would like a new job but looking for jobs is almost as boring as doing actual work


I’m speaking to a head of department somewhere else this week because it’s nice to feel needed, isn’t it.

Cba changing jobs though, this one’s basically fine. I’m just really lazy.


I really don’t want to start thinking about how my life has turned out the way it has as a direct consequence of consistently making whatever choice would result in the least amount of effort required on my part.

*checks twitter*


I mean, if you can think of a better way to make decisions, I’d like to hear it.


I have loads to do:

finish work
cycle home via returning library books
buy large refuse sacks with tie handles
buy freezer bags
buy pizza (not sure I can fit this in my bag, uh oh)
cook pizza
pack all: CDs, books, clothes not needed for a while
call M&S bank and find out how to get the money out of it
decide on kitchen



I can save you some time here: just leave them at work. Done. Perk of the job.

Next item.


too much to do to take this lacksadasical attitude


hiding in the cafe under my office instead of doing any work but they’re now playing the same cribs song for the third time in a row so I might leave


so much this it’s depressing


Me too. Still managing it.

Get your act together, budgie.


Yes, today and the last few weeks as well actually. But especially today.

I’m starting a new job soon, really excited by it and hoping it will kick-start my motivation but really I am probably just being naive and also not sure if I have any to kick-start any more.


Yes. Plus it’s sunny outside and there are snowdrops and water birds in the park, so I went and looked at them instead.


I’ve got fuckloads to do as I’m going to America on Thursday (did I mention this?) but I’m fucking nailing it, aren’t I?


it’s snowing here ffs


literally had all day to write an assignment, have done the intro and some reading

even went and sorted the baking cupboard in order to not do what i need to - lot of best before 2015 almond slivers


Yeah this week’s weather looks to be truly fucked up. For what it’s worth all I meant was that today I get an hour or two max of completely atypical weather which will vanish in an instant, so I was buggered if I was going to spend it pretending to do a spreadsheet.


how’s the wearing bike clothes in the office going?


no complaints so far


Blow some of that snow on over here you greedy man.