Ever have one of those days where you're physically incapable of getting any work done? (banal?)

it’s not proper snow, it’s that shitey rainy snow. think it’s stopped now anyways.

So sleet then? You are such a liar.

if you want to get technical about it

it’s not even three yet


finish work
cycle home via returning library books :heavy_check_mark: (renewed instead, cba)
buy large refuse sacks with tie handles
buy freezer bags
buy pizza (not sure I can fit this in my bag, uh oh)
cook pizza
pack all: CDs, books, clothes not needed for a while
call M&S bank and find out how to get the money out of it
decide on kitchen

shitting Christ

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where are you getting your packing boxes from nicola?

Been at school from 7.45 to 1.45. (The Austrian love of early timetables is brutal. In a couple of weeks I’m at a school where the first lesson is 7.20. This is cruel and unusual for teenagers). Did all my photocopying and paperwork for tomorrow/some of Thursday, and sorted out the stuff for the baking class tomorrow.

Been to the bigger supermarket in this small town, and bought a plethora of fake meats for sandwiches. I bought one that I thought was in slices, but turned out to be a giant slab of seitan.

Got to finish typing up/correcting/editing the script the kids wrote this morning. Later go out for food with the other teacher. There is not a great deal to do in rural Austria, especially in the winter.

luckily we kept them all from when we moved nearly 4 years ago

i suspect we’ll need more but… err, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it

Yeah it’s becoming a real problem, by late afternoon I just check out, a day where I start with an unexpected piece of work that takes up a couple of hours I am unable to switch back to standard work mode afterwards. Not sure if it’s my ever diminishing attention span or if I’m just bored of being here so long. Keep getting civil service job emails about seasonal bee inspectors and dream of a better life


I saw that seasonal bee inspector job. I spent a good 10 minutes wondering if I could bluff my way into it. I don’t even like bees that much.


why does one need to inspect bees? who does the bee inspector report to? is there free honey?

Fuck that. I note that the current National Bee Inspector appears to only be in an acting role, so I’m aiming straight for the very top.

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Seasonal bee inspector reports to the regional bee inspector who reports to the (acting) national bee inspector. Talk about obvious.

You’ve got to keep an eye out for “bee pests” and bee diseases. I’m imagining wandering the land with a tiny stethoscope giving the wee guys a check up but it’s probably just another admin based nightmare. Everything seems to be an admin based nightmare.

… but yes free honey.

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Applying for a job I don’t even want because I might want it in like 5 years and the exam is really hard to pass first time. Only other urgent work I have is a dull bit of proofreading so I’m putting it off

I nearly applied for a job at a university spin-out that was looking into using cartridges of bees as replacements to sniffer dogs. The job advert was incredible. “We’re a small company, so your responsibilities will include everything from marketing to making the tea and, of course, training the bees!”

I swear I’m not making this up.