Ever known someone who is named the same as a famous person or a company or whatever?

The sort of post I’m looking for in this thread is as follows:

“I went to school with a girl called Jennifer Lawrence”


“There is a guy in accounts called John Menzies”

Stuff like that basically but true.

Not sure if this counts but I saw someone emailing someone the other day. They were emailing Phil Mitchell.

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Yep, perfect. Thanks mate.

Once snogged ashleigh Cole at a house party


Have worked in a place with David Bowie, Keith Richards, James Taylor and David Gilmour.

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Woah! (to three of those at least)

Top of the pops?

Could you, please? Cheers


2 x James Brown (AOOOOWWWW)
1 x Michael Bo(u)lton
1 x Shy FX


I went to school with a boy called Michael Johnson

do you really care about this?

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Not really tbh Shrewbs but we’ve all got to get through the day somehow haven’t we (or get till 1500 at least!)

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Is Owen Jones famous?

It’ll do

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There used to be a shop in West Ealing called Daniel Bedding Centre.

That’s not the same thing but it’s a good laugh, isn’t it?

Have worked with a David James.

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My mum had an uncle called Albert Hall


Quite a few at my work.

My boss is called Stephen King, and actually looks a bit like the author. Infact when he went on holiday to Russia years ago, he was asked for his autograph with the person thinking it was the real Stephen King. He obliged as he wasn’t lying.

A friend from work and fellow Palace fan is called Ian Wright, years ago he wanted a playoff ticket and was told it was sold out. He dropped his name, and suddenly there were tickets, he said he wasn’t that Ian Wright, but got tickets anyway.

Other names. Richard Wilson and Chris Martin. There are others too.

Infact my name, quite often people get my surname slightly wrong with is very similar to a famous actor. I think you know my real name, so you might work it out.


Yeah. And there’s some guardian nerd who shares his name


It’s a great laugh but it’s not suitable for this thread. Please remove the post, thanks.