Ever known someone who is named the same as a famous person or a company or whatever?

My mum used to go out with a guy that looked very much like Nigel Mansell. Funnily enough his surname was also Mansell. This led to him getting treated like royalty by F1 fans.

And my name is Jack Stewart, so I myself have an F1 related name (and F1 bores constantly bore me about it)


There’s a comedian in Brisbane called Chris Martin. Actually funny guy, but inexplicably continues with the name even though it practically makes him unsearchable.

Went to school with Michael Jackson, James Brown and James Taylor.

Worked with Nick Mason.

There’s someone here (not in accounts, the other one) called Sarah Sanders :grimacing:

Haven’t asked if there’s a “Huckabee” in there too.

gym teacher was ronald mcdonald

Yeah, me?

I get an ungoldy amount of hatemail for this guy, as he doesn’t have a website and ahem I do.

  • It’s worth persevering with this thread for some reason
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Same office a few years ago had a Liam Gallagher, a Michael Jackson and a Lorraine Hill (just about works) :+1:

Used to live with someone whose mum was called Audrey Hepburn.

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Got an Andy Murray at work, hes a strange man

We’ve all seen the interviews.

Met a Dave Gorman once.

Said “Fucking hell, that…thing…on the telly”, then forgot completely and asked “What was he called again?” to which the guy puzzlingly replied “…Dave…Gorman…?” after a long silence.

Still have anxiety dreams about it.


Had he actually been on the Are You Dave Gorman thing?

getting into it now

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I’d recoiled into the foetus position by then, but i don’t think so.

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Reckon there probably is (or used to be maybe) good potential in a Dave Gorman thread, reckon he’s a perfectly placed candidate for inordinately strong opinions either way about him.

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The one off the Screwfix advert?

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A bit like the mobile snack bar that used to be parked outside of Highbury & Islington Tube station: Jason Doner Van.

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I’m quite neutral on DG. A polarising people thread would be good though. Post a name, argue about them. Can’t think of any examples yet though.

I’ll get the groundwork going