Ever made a practical joke that went horribly wrong?


I have. On April Fool’s day 2011, I posted on Facebook that the lead singer of a well known North West band (of whom I know personally and have many mutual friends) punched me in the face. Expecting nobody to be taken in by it, I jokingly replied to another friend who I thought was in on the joke by saying more and more preposterous, things like “He says he’s going to send the big boys round from Rossendale” and “I provoked him to punch me when I accused him of stealing lyrics from The Power Age by 2 Unlimited.”

It turned out this person actually believed me and several of my friends were informed they should approach the guy personally and get “revenge” on my behalf. So I ended up ringing pals on tour in Germany going “That was out of order, I’m going to twat him in the face when I get home” saying “No, no, no! It’s REALLY not serious.” I can laugh it off now, but I REALLY almost stepped in a big pile of shit, given one of the “revenge mob” was a bouncer who had ‘connections’