ever noticed how (polls/free chat)

cities in the north west of england are really close to each other? like, Manchester to Leeds is basically like crossing greater London east to west. York also looks really accessible from most of those towns too. People in Wakefield have the option of like 10-20 min train journeys into either Sheffield or Leeds. Mad!

If you live in London, you’ve got fuck all to choose from if you want to leave. Brighton, Oxford, Portsmouth is miles away. Fuck going to Essex obviously.

  • I agree, the north west does seem very connected
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yeah, bit needy isn’t it?

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Someone doesn’t know what west means


Essex is actually pretty lovely if you ignore the towns


Dont know what trains youre getting from Wakey to Sheffield in 10 mins

was going to just put north but I imagined a load of offended people from newcastle or somewhere turning up, so just went with north west for simplicity.

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Me and @safebruv will do a Cans on Tour from Wakefield to wherever

20 minutes. 10 is there for Leeds.

close the thread, too many offended northerners already!!!

I went from Wakefield to Leeds to Manchester on Thursday, AMA

were you convenienced?


Currently on a train from Manchester to leeds.

is it convenient?

do you feel like you’re very connected?

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Slaithwaite has a short platform please move to the front 4 carriages.

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fucking Slaithwaite.

Think you should be able to do Manchester leeds in less than an hour


Travelling to Cities up here is piece of piss actually travelling 2 miles can take what feels like a few days,

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Pronounced slowwit

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Yeah and I’ve still only been to Leeds like twice in my life despite being from the North West/having lived there, ridiculous