Ever pulled a wheelie / done an ollie* (N.B. This is not a cycling thread)

Bunny hops maybe?
Any good on a skateboard / BMX?

Crack on then.

.* I have absolutely no idea what one of these is but I believe they are popular with the kids

I was considering popping on Stan & Ollie later, is that the sort of thing you’re after?

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See a lot of bunnies, living in the countryside as I do, if that counts?


Any of them ever land a kickflip?

Ollie yes. Wheelie no.

No, a lot of them are hit by cars, tractors, and other vehicles.

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my wrist is still hurting from falling off that skateboard a few months ago so it’s deffo been fractured I reckon :sneezing_face:

When I was a kid I used to skate and do trials MTB a bit. My brother is a good skater. I used to be able to do ollies (and shuvits, kickflips) but would probably break my neck now if I tried. Can bunny hop a bike.

Tractors there, notorious for their speed and subtlety

wheelie - kind of, sometimes, if the wind is blowing in the right direction

Bunny Hop - yes, wish I was more consistent

can’t do anything on a skateboard

Bunch of my pals still skate well into their thirties tbh. It’s quite funny how they have to devise masterplans to avoid any and all young people at certain bowls etc. Most keep their boards in the car so if they see the place is empty they can have a stealthy ten minutes without fear of getting laughed at for being old.


Ever driven a tractor have you Chegg? I have, so pipe down yeah. You city folk.

used to skate a lot when I was a kid. Not since I was 17 or 18 though. Did see the Bones Brigade tour in 89 though Skate fans. That was pretty rad and gnarly.

Ollie - yes, plus a bunch of other stuff
Bunnyhop - yes, but not very high. Just up a kerb
Wheelie - yes but not very consistently

Really want to get back into skating, but that’s a whole different thing.

@Richie_Ronco I saw the Blueprint team on a tour once if that counts

A true story is that I’ve been run over* by a tractor…I’ve just remembered. Absolutely done myself here

*When I was a child, the local football club I trained with had to move a tractor that wouldn’t start off the pitch and I want paying attention and the wheel trapped my leg

Sounds like the start of an episode of Casualty.

Also, this sounds painful and I’m sorry it happened to you.

Don’t know who they are I’m afraid. Googled them and it was long after I lost interest in skating.

Wheelie - no, never been able to do one
Bunny hop - when clipped in, yes
Ollie - not any more, in my yoof yes

have never skated a board in my life but i’m pretty confident i could nail an ollie first time

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I still ride a skateboard but it’s a little short one so not much good for anything tricky. Can still moderately shred a mini ramp. Never done a wheely but I have flown over my handlebars quite athletically