Ever purchased raw food from a takeaway (deliberately)

I’m wondering what would happen if I went into a kebaby and asked to buy some lamb kofta for me to cook myself later on?

My guess is they’d do it for the same price as the cooked item, but this might contravene some regulations about only selling things fit for human consumption, I’m sure marckee will be here soon to update us

please let us know

I’ve often thought about asking to buy like a massive jars worth of kebab shop chilli sauce. Love that shit.


You’re right actually, this would need to be done on “the down-low”

I was thinking about this with garlic sauce the other day before I realised that the Heinz version is extremely good and widely available

most (reputable) currywurst stands in berlin sell their own take on the currywurst ketchup by the bottle (this is vaguely relevant)

Ant I’ve thought of an incredibly funny joke answer, do you mind

This is, again, something that I’ve strongly considered in the past

Be my guest!

I have purchased raw food from a takeaway deliberately…



So she what?


Oh lord the gifs run in sync :joy:


They sell the sauce a lot of places seem to have at Morrisons


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I’ve only ever been in one Morrisons in my life (Queensbury branch, got a mars milkshake)

I once bought a panini but asked for it to be untoasted, I did it on the George Foreman at home. They weren’t keen, worried about health and safety or something, but did it in the end.

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Nice one Jaz-Fraz, thanks. Sounds like I’ll need to switch the charm on…

Er indoors had this disagreement in a Costa a few weeks ago. She went to Subway instead in the end.

This is kind of just like going to a shop like sainsbury’s