Ever seen a ghost?

Rather have a piece of toast?

Don’t know how to do a poll.

they dont exist so nah

Still probably my favorite twitter account


Have any of your siblings ever seen a ghost?

I haven’t, no.

I’d rather have a piece of toast and watch the evening news.

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I have not seen one but I believe I was tickled by a ghost as a child

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As a matter of fact I have, me and partner were successful private detective, when he was killed in mysterious circumstances. I thought our detective business was over but it was only just beginning. He came back as a ghost that only I could see. He helped me out of some dangerous situations by moving curtains and creating slight breezes, and together we continued to solve mysterious cases.

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That ghost thread we had a while back was really good fun

This bride did.

One night a bride go to visit her husband

"yes my dear"
"will we be married forever"
"until death do us part"

the irony didnt catch the girld at the time but sooon it would. very soon. that night they got married. the wedding had everyone in town there, even the girls parents and the husbands parents. the party went on until the wee hours of the night when everyone decided it was time to home.

"it was a good wedding" says the husband parents

the bridge and husband go to their ceremony in hawaii. but when they get there the husband changed. he started getting violent. "NO DONT HIT ME" say the girl so she pushed the husband out a window and he dead. his hook hand that he gt in the war fell off and stabbed him in the back. later the girl goes home after finishing enjoy her honey moon. she goes to tell her husbands parents the bad news

"im afraid i killed your husband" says the bride
the parents looked concerned for their husbands death.
"i hope you can forgive me" says the bride.
"no its not that my dear…" and the parents hand a strange look in their eye
"you see, tim (the husbands name) died when he was 3. you were at the wedding all by yourself"
the girl was so shocked she told the parents to pull car over, but then they heard a scratching sound. all the police found was a scratched car, a small stain of blood and a hook hand car in the car door hook