Ever seen a UFO?

If yes, or you think you may have, please provide some details.

Alas, I have not.

I have seen a UFO.

Then I realised it was a plane and it was no longer a UFO.


What’s that podcast with Willy and Wade and one of them is always on about summoning aliens in LA? well, when i was in southern California recently, i looked up a few times, and there were quite often shiny dots, way up high, that i couldn’t identify, flying around. definitely aliens the weather’s perfect for them.

I once saw what could have been a bee or wasp but I wasn’t sure so to this day it remains a UFO.


No, but I have listened to UFO

Would you like to divulge details?

Yes, drunkenly stumbling home with a friend at 2am about 15 years ago, we both saw a red light hover up about 100 feet in the distance, then zoom off horizontally at ludicrous speed (tm Spaceballs).
Had it just been me, I’d have put it down to the beer & weed, but my mate is one of the most cynical people I’ve ever known, and he saw it too.

Live near RAF Chicksands in Bedfordshire which according to Wikipedia - ‘Since 1997 the site has been the home of the [Defence Intelligence and Security Centre]’ and was definitely in that direction where the light was.

Possible shady government / military experiment? Hope so.


I’d rather have a piece of toast and watch the evening news.


no ufo,m


Oh yes, it’s a real hotspot for them

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I thought I saw one once, then I realised that it was a bit foggy and I was driving past Gatwick.


That’s awesome!

As a nipper, once saw this backwards-looking plane fly into Southampton Airport while I was sat fishing nearby. Looked utterly bizarre. Never known what it was.

Saw a bird I didn’t know what it was the other day too, suppose that went unidentified. Was definitely flying.


once i was driving back from my mates house with my then-gf and we saw a light hovering over hartshead pike. we stopped the car at the side of the road and got out to have a look at it, there was no sound or anything. it moved off quite slowly, then zapped away dead fast. it is the flight path for manchester airport but we couldnt hear it (the planes are usually low enough to be able to hear them there) and it didnt move in the direction or at speeds you’d usually expect planes to. when we got home we looked up how to report ufo sightings and couldnt figure it out so we sacked it off. we were about here, facing in this direction, the thing moved left to right

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tell to me more about how you parked safely along the side of that road.

we werent as far along that road as where ive linked you to, we were a little bit further down the hill

I remember seeing a weird backwards looking plane flying over Southampton when I was a kid too, and I never figured out what it was. I was really into planes too, so I went pretty nerdy on trying to figure it out, and have always wondered about it.

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it’s interesting that you appear to have moved quite some distance without noticing during this encounter. i don’t suppose you checked your watch/noticed anything untoward with the radio?

sorry scully, i didnt

Did you check your bumhole? Was it tender?

They probe you.