Ever seen in famous sportspeople in person?

I once saw David Beckham playing football at Old Trafford.


Once saw Usain Bolt win the 100m at the Olympics.

I wonder if anyone here’s ever seen Ricky Otto.

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Saw Gazza in a pub drinking and smoking at a pub in 1998 (with Chris Evans, Danny Baker, Five Bellies and Danny Kelly) before he was left out of the squad


I once saw Serena Williams playing tennis at Old Trafford

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Saw Peter Crouch at Alton Towers once.

This is true, him and Abby Clancy were queuing for the ride next to Oblivion - I forget the name of it, but its one that spins upside down.

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I’ve seen Roger Black at a load of Roddy Frame gigs.


Was stood behind gazza at the bar at a dry slope ski centre on Sunday.

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Saw Messi on a Champions League victory parade bus

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I’ve seen both Terry Griffiths and Sam Warburton in John Lewis (not at the same time).

Once saw Andrew Flintoff in a Chinese restaurant. He’s enormous.

Basic rule of thumb for celebrities when you see them in person is that actors are always tiny and sports people are always massive.


Saw Xherdan Shaqiri driving his Tesla once, driving in the opposite direction to what we were going.

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Saw Ricky Hatton absolutely smashed in a bar in Manchester. We thought it would be funny to get a photo with him, he said me and my friend were “punching” in terms of who we were with, felt good to get a boxing metaphor from an actual boxer. Then A Little Respect came on, he put his arm around me and shouted “what a tune” in my ear. Weird night.

Also played football with Dave Edwards (alright, stretching famous a little bit here) He threaded a beautiful through ball to me, I miscontrolled it and it went through to the keeper.


Note, mine are all players from when Stoke City were in the Premiership so used to occasionally see them around the area.

Second this. I once bumped into the West Indies cricket team in a bar and despite me being quite tall myself it was like walking amongst the na’vi from Avatar.


Went to the Grand National once with my dad. He was positioning himself to take a photo of me and my uncle when he walked backwards into Alex Ferguson.

Met Craig Brown (former Scotland manager) a few times around Ayr when i was growing up, my mum had worked with him in some capacity so we stopped and chatted a few times. He gave me a copy of the Guinness Book of Records some time in the 80s.

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Once met Teddy Sheringham at a travel expo at the Excel centre.

I suppose it’s to do with the context you see them in. I always think of Joe Root being small, for instance, but he’s six foot tall.



Dalton Grant outside Walthamstow tube

Blanka Vlasic at a garden centre

Patrik Sjöberg at a restaurant

At that’s just the high jumpers!