Ever seen in famous sportspeople in person?

David Wheater at Chester Zoo

Saw Zabaleta in the Trafford Centre 3 days in a row.

The entire play off League One Blackpool football team in Tiger Tiger at a student night.

Balotelli and entourage walking down Deansgate.

David Platt in the Ashton Arms

Manchester United football team in The Grapes (my dad saw some of the the players every Tuesday in Abercromby in the 80’s)

Andy Barlow shopping Sainsbury’s.

Paul Scholes take your pick it’s not that he doesn’t go out it’s just he doesn’t leave Saddleworth

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Michael Owen & Robert Pires filming an Umbro ad at a club I used to DJ at

Jeremy Guscott, Lawrence Dalaglio, Martin Johnson & Mike Catt at a club after a charidee gala thingy we were at

Jimmy White used to come to the student nights at a towny nite club in Kingston when I was at uni. Was always seeing him drinking £1 shots & trying to cop off with barely legals

Sat two tables from Zlatan at a restaurant a couple of summers back too

Oh…and Kris Akabusi came to our school for something or other. Can’t remember what

Shane Warne came into my shop in Cardiff once. I basically went to pieces like a young girl screaming at the Beatles inside Shea Stadium.

Also from the world of cricket, I was once at Trent Bridge chatting and not looking where I was going and literally walked into Bob Willis. He was very tall indeed.

I made Jamie Roberts a cup of tea. (Very, very tall)
I’ve seen Gavin Henson a bunch. (Very orange, but ridiculously handsome)
I’ve met Sugar Ray Leonard. (Very courteous)
There’s almost definitely more, including stuff from school like Jamie Baulch and Kris Akabusi, but I can’t remember them right now.

Saw Paul Merson at Bockett’s Farm (Leatherhead, Surrey) soft play area once.

Was on the same train as Titus Bramble once.

Was he in the ball pit?

No, on the rainbow slide, the kind you have to sit in a sack for. Also saw him eating a sarnie later that day

Served David Batty in Sainsburys in 1998 when he came back for his second spell at Leeds. Greatest day of my life.

Patrick Vieira out with his family in Highgate
Michael Essien in the Bentalls Centre in Kingston
Steve Coppell sitting in his Aston Martin looking miserable at some traffic lights
Steve Davis watching SunnO)))


Andy Murray and family were on our EasyJet flight from Glasgow to Gatwick. His wife was berating him for not having a pound for the trolly in baggage claim.


Regi Blinker off his nut in Club X/Babaza.

Sat next to Lubomir Moravcik on an EasyJet flight to Amsterdam. He had a connection to Bratislava. We didn’t.

Henrik Larsson and Johan Mjalby steaming but calm in The Corinthian.

Mark Viduka receiving a parcel of free meat outside a butcher’s shop in Uddingston.

Henrik Larsson staring forlornly through the window of a closed fish & chip shop in Uddingston (shortly after he came flying round a corner too fast and almost killed me.)

Hakan Yakin at a pub quiz.



Jack Charlton in a train station.
Taka Michinoku in an airport.

That a euphemism?

Bleak but beautiful


Sally Gunnell, M25, traffic jam, car next to ours. Made awkward eye contact.

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Some of these are a bit like the Father Ted bit where Dougal thought his advent calendar would have
“Ruud Gullit sitting on a shed”


Pat Nevin at ATP

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Chris Eubank - loads of times in various outlandish vehicles and suits

once saw beckham family in tesco when i worked there

once made some audio thing for rio ferdinand’s auntie and he was there too

think i have seen loads of famous sports people at work but i wouldn’t recognise many of them