Ever snitched on somebody?

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I don’t want stitches, thanks


To the cops? Narp.

At work? Yarp.


Yep, what @epimer said. And only because there was some really obvious whistleblowing-worthy stuff going on


Actually that’s a lie, I did call the non-emergency line when some people left some “gear” that they “couldn’t be caught with” in my front garden. Turns out it was a basket of shopping from Aldi.


I remember once somebody came into work late and a bit hungover and we all thought it was funny whereas some little slug went and told a manager and the guy got disciplined.


Whistleblowing is acceptable, I’m talking snitching, i.e., grassing people up for really petty shit like being late or pulling a sickie or something.


Fuck off, ahm no a grass.


If I was going to whistleblow someone i’d probably tell them, explain why, and maybe swear a bit depending on the severity
Snitching to me suggests secretive informing which I’m not really into


Fuck you narc is at 69% :sunglasses:


I’m too Machiavellian for entry level snitching. More into my conniving, conspiring and subterfuge at work


Got hauled into the head teachers office at school once because my dickhead friends trashed a changing room and the head of PE reckoned that since I was on a rugby team I’d be more loyal to him than my friends.

What a massive fucking twat that man was.


Did a prank once, my mate dressed in his dad’s overcoat and cos we’d found this weird briefcase we filled it with Murray mints. We rang the blinds/curtains shop over the road and told them someone would be by shortly to ‘drop off the package’ they were all like who are you?? What package? We’ll call the police etc so we dropped off the package and laughed hysterically as they cautiously picked up the bag, talked about it for ages and eventually opened up their murray mints!


How would you feel if you had accidentally grassed yourself?[poll type=regular public=true]

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something scottish rugby something always trash in the changing rooms

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  • Lightly bonkers
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  • Mad as a lorry

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I reported a scotrail van driver this morning who dangerously tailgated my mum’s car (which had my son inside it) and nearly ran into the back of us when we slowed down to pull into the station carpark. he followed us in and I asked him why he had driven like a maniac, and he just shrugged his shoulders and laughed at me. I suspect it was because my mum drives a bmw, and van drivers love to noise them up which is fair enough, but not when you’re driving a van with your employer’s name all over it you silly prick. I made an online complaint to scotrail about his menacing driving and attitude.

I’ve also had to report a few crimes I would have preferred not to get involved in (reasonably major stuff not any old shite) because I’m an officer of the court and have a professional duty to do so.


depends really. 've been a manager for long enough that occasionally someone has come to me with troubling shit/evidence of behaviour that isn’t looking good, and then it needs ‘snitching’ to those above me. but that’s just good work ethic innnit i spose.

so no


Misread this as scrotal van driver


None of this is snitching, it’s all perfectly reasonable :+1:


A friend is doing something illegal (and something I think is really shitty) and I keep thinking I should narc, but that would make me a prick.

I’m not supposed to know about it either, so I can’t confront him directly.

Note technique?