Ever stared at stairs like those there?


  • These exist
  • On set joke

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Weren’t they put in to make him look ganglier than he is?

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We had this at my old work, I assume due to some sort of fuck up when they built it.
You went down half a dozen steps onto a little landing but then had to go back up two steps to get into the office.

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They were an on-set joke, iirc, but that said I’ve been in a few hotels, offices, flats, etc in knocked about Victorian buildings before with similarly odd arrangements, so who knows.

Where I was at University, they’d knocked a connection through between two adjacent buildings, but because of the difference in height between the floor levels, the door was about 3 foot high and you had to crouch down to go through it. Decent sitcom potential, there.


Yeah, been in an old hotel in Fort William that was like this. Some buildings are just weird.


On a weirdly designed university tangent - I did a few bits of temp work at Aston uni and their main building must’ve been built in two stages, with different sized floors in each one.

The lifts were next to each other in the middle though. You could go up to like the 8th floor in the lift for the North wing and then have to go up half a dozen steps to get to the 6th floor of the South Wing.


I’ve said these exist because I presume you’re asking if such things exist in real buildings.

But they are there in Fawlty Towers for the purpose of comedy or something.

What’s really odd is I was thinking about starting just such a thread of this a few days ago but wasn’t sure how to even phrase it. Nice.

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Stairs are fine - it’s the angles of the doors that are worrying…