Ever stopped in a Marriott Hotel?

According to this about 1/16th of the worlds population have. I have.


No but last night in a dream I jumped off the top of one

does taking a slash in there count?

Yep. Good luck to the hackers if they’re looking to steal any cash from me though

The only time I have stayed in a Marriott hotel was immediately after 9/11 when we ran from Newark airport to the nearest temporary shelter and that was the closest one.

No but there’s one opposite my office and I’m looking at it right now. We had our Christmas party last year and my mate got so wrecked that he slept (and pissed) in the hotel manager’s office, and we are now banned.


quite a lot, yeah

Yes a lot, but I think it was always pre-booked by work so they shouldn’t have my details.

Back in my heady days of business travel I stayed in Marriotts about a hundred nights a year. I doubt any of the information they have on me is current as I haven’t stayed there for some time, will probably check just in case.

Fuck! Sent them an email with my credit card details yesterday in case I wanted to stay there in future and save time.

Feel like quite the fool now.

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Rejected Airplane script

Yea. Balls.

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I stayed in the one in Maida Vale once, and had a pleasant time.

made of ale

Oh hang on

Haven’t stayed in any of them. Panic over.

no, but i was kicked out of the one in bristol in 2013.

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Which one? Would understand if it was the Royal but reckon it would have to be something pretty egregious to get you kicked out of the City Centre one.

I presume you didn’t give any details though?

Hmmm don’t think so, I mean I was probably a bit doolally after my plummet. If anything you might have given your DiS moniker so we’re all good :+1:

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