Ever stopped liking a food?

I think I don’t like ketchup anymore, it’s too sugary and overpowering. As far as I’m aware this is the first time I’ve stopped liking a food.

Heinz Macaroni Cheese

curious as to why you stopped liking it?

yeah they are too dry, I always regret buying them but get them anyway because the bag is big and shiny

Those habinero/lemon blast mixed bag ones are magic.

nah I don’t rate them, had them once and the lemon one was weird and chemically to me

also who wants to wonder what flavour they are getting with each one?

I used to like mayonnaise but sometime in my teens I started disliking it. Not even in potato salad!

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never had it but it smells disgusting and I have a real aversion to it now

Mayo or potato salad? :smiley:

You can get a reduced sugar versions, which is …less sweet… and nicer.


mayo, dunno what potato salad is, sounds weird to put a potato in a salad though

yeah salads make me nervous so I’m pretty ignorant of them. There’s really no way to avoid a flavour when it’s just PLOP THERE IT IS IN A SALAD! Y’know?

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Raisins. Banana chips.

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Stopped eating stir fry for a few years cos i was really sick after making one once and all i could taste was sicky stir fry.

Same issue with a prawn sandwich and then sicking it up in the car. Didnt eats for about 5 yrs

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Not a fan of the massive handful crammed in like a pig method? I’m so ashamed.

some crisps I would do this with but I have to eat Doritos as individuals

Mate, do you like raw onion?

no idea but I don’t think I’m willing to try. Onion can be nice in things but not if I see or have to deal with the pieces.