Ever taken a bike in a taxi?


I’ve got fed up with my commute to work and have decided to become a **** ******. Problem is my bike has 2 flats and needs a service. Good news is my work has a free bike service day tomorrow. I need to move the bike 3.5 miles and putting it in my car is not an option.


  1. will a bike fit in a black cab?
  2. will the taxi driver tell me to do one?










taxi driver


Yes :+1: (in a Scicon Aerocomfort 2.0 TSA Bike Bag)

Failing that, just take the front wheels off.


frog licker


That’ll just slow the taxi down, if anything


Thanks for all the invaluable help guys. I called a taxi firm and they’ve agreed to the bike.


No but I have taken a taxi on a bike if that helps


would you like me to call you a taxi?


No thanks, my name’s laelfy


Laelfy the joke ruiner




I thought you were setting it up for me to hit out the park?


Jesus guys, if this is the grief you get for riding a bike…


what fork you packing?


Pffft, I bet they’re not even Rapha carbon flats.


I have yeah