Ever taken lessons for anything via skype?

thinking of learning a new language and i really kind of hate skype but seems like it’s just the done thing now.

other skyping or language chat allowed

I do my therapy over a non-unionised Mexican Skype equivalent. It’s fine. Pretty convenient.

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Gonna sign up for French lessons within the next week or so.

via skype or non?

non is french for ‘no’

that sounds kind of odd, but then having done IRL therapy i could only hope it would make it marginally less awkward

oui! via le skype!

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It was at first but it means I’m less likely to flake out because I’m too anxious to physically go.

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any language nerds @nemrac able to weigh in on whether it’s a good idea or not?

yeah exactly this, think i had more anxiety about that than anything else in life

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I have had lessons and I have used skype extensively. But never together.

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thank you for your input

I have never used skype.

Nice little fact for you, there.

I had to download the app for my new phone, it had a tutorial, I ignored it and then had to work out what the buttons all did.

Where do you get lessons like these?




I’m thinking of signing up to spanish but face to face stuff.

Never used any of them, tbh.

Have you not even simulated a video call by taking selfies, printing them, writing a message on them and then posting them to someone?

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reckon doing skype is generally cheaper coz people can work from home and not have to prepare to have weirdos in their houses or whatever. gonna feel like a twat* just sitting at home trying to speak a new language with headphones on though

*yes moreso than usual, thank you epimer

I didn’t even know that there was a video chat function on there.

I hate facebook messenger and have used it about three times in the past year, since I had to download it.

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