Ever worn a disguise?

What was it? Did it work?


No but can I tell you a story of when my regular look worked out to my benefit?

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Lol no. I’m very distinctively shaped.

Big fake beard. Didn’t work but I think just putting one on can indicate you’re not wanting to be found and that does the job too.

So it worked. But differently


Do tell!

When i was 18, Havana in Wakefield (a place I saw someone buy 100 jagerbombs) did an A Level results party and if you were dressed as a ‘geek’ you got queue jump and a free shot. I was dressed normally and got that


Dressed up as a friend of mine once for halloween and a couple of people thought I was him

No, but a trainspotter approached me and started talking to me about trains at Doncaster station. So I fear I may be disguising myself as a trainspotter without knowing it.

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Ive worn my hat lower and put on shades when i noticed someone in a festival crowd i had fallen out with years ago… im too tall for that to be effective though and they noticed me and said hi. Twas fine

Felt like a bit if a tit tbh

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Only every day

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(I’m actually the cockroach alien from Men in Black)

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Do people go up to you and go 'whats a librarian doing at a blockbuster’or summat.

This happened to me in Bella Italia.