lol the band from that film Loser

anyway, yeah I watched that film again the other day then checked out the band’s first 2 albums. They’re really good. Silly me. Any fans?

Used to love Sparkle & Fade and So Much For The Afterglow when I was about 15, haven’t listened in a long, long time though.

So Much For The Afterglow was a ruddy bloody good album. Haven’t listened to it for ages, mind. Used to love the lead single Everything To Everyone - great tune.


You know their song Wonderful? My brother had (has) the CD single of that, and I routinely get one of the B-Sides stuck in my head. It’s called I’m on Your Time and it’s really quite good.

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was sure this thread was prompted by this Waxahatchee and Kevin Morby Cover Everclear: Listen | Pitchfork , but yeah also loved their first couple of albums in my teens, revisited Sparkle and Fade again this morning after that Pitchfork story and still good fun

it was inspired by watching the film Loser with Jason Biggs again

which isn’t as shit as you remember

is that the same one that makes up a lot of the ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ video?

The very same.

I just can’t even look at Jason Biggs anymore. And that’s why I will never see Loser again.


First band i saw live. Supporting Feeder at the Astoria in 98. Were a lot better than Feeder.


Wow first time I’ve seen someone mention Carrie on here! Fear of Sound is one of my favorite albums by bands that only released one album. Found a vinyl copy in a used record store a few years back for 4 quid. Was surprised it even had a vinyl release.

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I file them in the same category as Fountains of Wayne. Good Power pop band with some great singles.


listening to this now. sounds alright

Loved SMFTA and Sparkle and Fade back in the day.

Saw they’ve gone and done that thing where they’ve released a hits album but had to re-record all the songs. Sad!

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Sparkle and Fade is still great.

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World of Noise, Sparkle and Fade, and So Much for the Afterglow are all really good albums. The latter two are legitimately great and classics. Whenever I say that to anyone I’m always ridiculed, and immediately am met with “every song is about his dad” and/or “every song is dun-dun-dun-dundundun-dun.” Good to see other people like them on here. That opening yell/distortion blast of “Electra Made Me Blind” gets me every time, and that long tense outro on “The Twistinside” is so well done.


Huge fan at the time (and saw them on the tour where they opened like they do in Loser, my Dad took me)

First 3 albums are great, and even American Movie Vol I has some really enjoyable pop rock / grungepop / just great songs on it.

Absolutely rinsed SMFTA in the late 90s. Was a once-a-weeker for 2 or 3 years. The title track, Father of Mine (still brings a tear to my eye), Amphetamine, Local God are all certified crackers, and the rest of it is rock solid too.

Also like Sparkle & Fade, but the run of Heroin Girl, You Make Me Feel Like a Whore and Santa Monica outshone the rest of the album a little too brightly.

Shame they went to complete shit after SMFTA.

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Gonna listen to both albums on tomorrow’s commute.

I have So Much for the Afterglow somewhere. It was cheap and I liked the single. Not sure I’d like it now.

Can we all agree though that those Beach Boys esque harmonies at the beginning of Afterglow are awesome