Heroin Girl still gets my blood pumping. GREAT song.

one of my fav opening couplets/intros


Summerland godamm great song too.

Twistinside might be my fav on there tho. im a sucker for a simple kick and snare. I always end up belting that one part.

coda on both those songs are A+


Fine I’ll listen to their release from 2015. I’m a fool to do your dirty work.

Overall his voice sounds the same, that’s good. the guitar sound is typical, very bad. Def miss the more raw sound of Sparkle n Fade. Eh the structure is there on these songs but it just sounds like strip club rock now. Pretty much all bad up until This is Your Death Song… and… everything after, the closer might be alright but i was bored by then. Glad I lost touch after So Much For the Afterglow.

Genuinely cant believe there are 26 positive replies here. Awful band

Show your work

Ive heard their songs


All of the ones?




Their best song


Yeah in my insta feed this morning

Pretty good poster tbf


So Much for the Afterglow still pretty close to a perfect album


Way back on old DiS there was a thread someone started about music that makes you cry. The OP got hammered mercilessly for daring to share an account of how listening to something made him cry,

Anywho, I wouldn’t say it was so when the album came out, but when I revisit it nowadays, my eyes never fail to get a bit damp whenever I hear Art singing, “Now I’m a grown man with a child of my own, and I swear I’ll never let her know the pain I have known”.


Their debut album World of Noise is finally on Spotify, in case anyone hasn’t heard it yet. It’s great, extremely raw and energetic.

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Some of the stuff on that album kills me, especially the second half. Sunflowers and Why I Don’t Believe in God in particular, the latter is brutal. Think the earnestness puts people off of them for some reason (similar to what happens Counting Crows I guess) but simultaneously gets missed too, if that makes sense.


What a vocal performance. And that sloppy guitar fill that bursts in out of nowhere during the final verse. It’s all so raw and genuine, it makes you feel like it all came together on the spot as they were recording.

Not sure exactly why but I relistened to SMFTA recently and I enjoyed it so much that I put in on again straight away and it was all I listened to for the next few days.

For some reason I considered it some sort of guilty pleasure up until that point but now I realise it’s an exceptionally good album in its own right. What it does, it does it very very well.


I genuinely don’t think there are 3 albums definitely better than Sparkle & Fade released last decade.

Excellent record. Nervous & Weird was always the one for me after seeing them play it at my first ever festival at Donnington '96.

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Surprising, and great, to see the love for Everclear here. I had assumed the earnestness would put most people on this side of the Atlantic off.

As many have said, SMFTA is brilliant. Also makes me feel some pretty strong emotions when I listen to it (partly because of what it is in itself, and partly because I rinsed it at a time I was going through a lot of stuff, and it all tends to come flooding back when i listen to it).

I’m genuinely tempted by that gig, as Grave Dancers Union by Soul Asylum was an album I listened to a hell of a lot when I was a kid. One of the first proper album I bought with my own money. Pretty much wore out the tape.

Never seen either act live though, partly due to UK tours being pretty rare, and partly because I’ve become more and more wary of nostalgia as I get older. Any word on whether they’re any good these days and actually worth seeing?

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Just had a look at the setlsits for their last couple of shows and they’re as heavy on S&F and SMFTA as you’d expect.

Are there any post SMFTA albums worth investigating? I just remember my interest levels dropping off a cliff the moment I heard ‘Wonderful’ and I just never went back to them.

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