Every comedian looks like this now



Nah, loads of them don’t.


most of them do


Still can’t agree with that but we’re getting nowhere here so let’s just stop discussing it eh?


does his comedy have a delicious, otherworldly quality, though? does it really?


Reckon it’s a thing of like 8 years ago, but there is some truth in it


Does “low key” mean not actually very funny?


Yeah fuck off @Antpocalypsenow


Don’t say that please


Does look a bit harsh written down. I’ll learn from this.


That’s all I can ask


Armando Iannucci on Richard Herring’s podcast last week was saying how he hates that comedians are all ‘cool’ now instead of being oddball misfits like when he was starting out. got a point.


Stan up is definitely one of the worst forms of dramatic arts stuff. Just endlessly shit. Even the good ones are more irritating than good, and hence are shit. Never found one stand up I actually like.


nah. good stand up is excellent. there’s just so much shit.


Stan Up, Frog & Bucket, Tues, £3 adv.


Makes a change from a guy scrstching his head


While promising “a sideways look” at the world.


low-key comedy songs

ahm oot


If I had to generalize comedians dress I would say they all try and dress like and average smart casual bloke but with one item of clothing that’s a bit natty like a signature piece