Every day I'm shufflin' - POLLS

do you listen to albums on shuffle?

  • Sure
  • I do not

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Will you listen to an album for THE FIRST TIME on shuffle?

  • Sure why not?
  • No! There be dragons!

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Ever pressed shuffle on an album only for it to be in THE SAME ORDER as the original track sequence?

  • I have
  • No! Imagine!
  • this is basically impossible

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Are you precious about listening in the original order and respecting the artist’s vision or some shit?

  • I am
  • I am not

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Who knows how important track orders are to different artists but part o the fun of playing an album once you’ve gotten to know it is looking forward to the next track, knowing how far along you are etc


I regularly listen on shuffle because I’ve a terribly short attention span and tend to front load and only hear the first half of an album otherwise

well there’s no wrong way to listen really :slight_smile:

Shuffle should be used exclusively for playlists.

Nothing more annoying than starting an album and forgetting that you’re in shuffle mode and not hearing track two after track one.


If an album is just constant Bangers then I might bung it on shuffle occasionally. Trying to think of albums I’ve done that with recently. Celebration rock and emotion, maybe. Don’t do it often though

A truly great album to shuffle.

Just. Good. Pop.

my default on my ipod /spotify is all songs on shuffle tbf tbh

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i often shuffle my collection of a particular artist, or my whole collection. don’t see the point in shuffling albums really.

as a teenager when i’d listen to the same CDs over and over while doing my homework i’d often stick the CD on shuffle for a bit of a change and a bit of excitement - partly just cos of the novelty of having a shuffle button on the CD player. these days i get really annoyed when i find i’ve been accidentally listening to an album on shuffle.

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Yeah, there’s no way I can listen to an album on shuffle, it doesn’t make sense to me. I guess it comes down to if you approach things as albums or collections of songs.

Taking things one step further, does anyone know of anyone who burns CDs in a random order from MP3s? My dad does this all the time and it drives me crazy. He even did it with my album.