Every rice except for white rice is described as having a "nutty" taste

Bhutanese Red Rice. Nutty
Basmati Rice. Nutty.
“Forbidden Rice”. Nutty.
Brown. Nutty.

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What a nutty thread!

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they need to cook it longer!

nuts to that!

One! Grain! Beyooooond!

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Still baffled by quinoa, why are we importing that shit from South America? What a waste of everyone’s time, and killing the planet.

Bet its not even described as nutty.

You can buy British grown quinoa

God save our quin


If I hear about fucking Bhutanese rice one more time

Moist cake

Rice technically is a nut though

no u

no honestly.
ironically all nuts are actually legumes which is french for vegetable, but in France they don’t eat vegetables or rice so they call rice legumes too.