Every thought of just becoming a massive Tory?

Life would be loads easier. You’d be on the winning team all the time, everything that happened in politics would serve your venal persona, most of the newspapers would validate your awfulness on a daily basis. You’d drive something like an Audi and be a prick to other, lesser people (but wouldn’t care).

What are the downsides? Winkie shrinkage? I could live with that.


Imagine the sort of music you’d have to listen to


You’d drive something like an Audi

@elthamsmateowen :open_mouth:

I’d pretend to be into unlistenable “noise” music to seem edgy.


a cold, joyless existence

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Yeah, actually. It wouldn’t even be a case of buying into opinions, it would be the process of not having opinions at all. Just stop caring about anything or anyone outside my immediate social circle, which is apparently what most everyone in the country does. I’m a white middle class male who’ll come into a decent inheritance one day, I’ll be alright Jack. It’s really alluring.


But I’d be “happy”. Not happy in the sense that you or I know but more a smug, hateful form of happiness.

Do you need an inheritance to be a massive Tory? :frowning:

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Yeah, sorry mate. Scuse me now

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As someone pointed out the other day when I went off on one, I’m an Oxbridge educated “lawyer”* who went to a private school. If anything it’s weird that I’m not a massive Tory.


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Well up for this tbh

EDIT: too soon?


seems a bit silly to assume anyone who is right wing is automatically evil. We don’t live in a cartoon world.


St Andrews doesn’t help either.


ha ha - we really do.

you seen the headlines today mate?


reminder that donald trump is president of the united states


I suppose it depends on what you mean by a massive Tory, a lot of the stuff mentioned on this thread sounds more like being politically apathetic rather than specifically being a right wing ideologue.

I’m not sure he’s doing that. Massive tory carries an implication of fully going in the Daily Mail field.

But there’s a fairly strong point to be made here that right wing politics is the politics of regressive attitudes which are definitely not as good as progressive ones.

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Obviously I don’t like “the Tories” but I definitely feel like we need to stop dragging cock size into jokes about those we don’t like.

I see it all the time online. “Donald Trump has probably got a tiny cock” ad infinitum. As if that would matter and as if him having a giant schlong would make him a better leader or person. It’s reductive and stupid and I wish it would stop.

Thinly veiled, thickly veined etc.

(Not an attack on you, sexybum)


I like the novel idea of public owned public services too much tbh

I don’t think you become a Tory because you’ve got a tiny cock, I think you get a tiny cock because you’ve become a Tory. World of difference.

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