Every Thursday is a school day

I learned that the word ‘supersede’ was spelled with an S this morning. I always thought it was ‘-cede’.

I’m remotely working until 9.30 again.

This thread has probably already been superseded by a more popular one.

Activities? Plans?






This is worse than when I learned that cardamom ended with an M


Hang on, what? An ‘s’, I won’t hear of it.


Good morning keith, dr epimer, kermywormy, sexybum, shiny. Good morning DiS!

I’ve had “One Step Closer” by S Club Juniors stuck in my head for a day or so, despite not hearing the song in a decade probably.

Might have a nice stare out the window.



I’ll card your mom


I’m having a terrible morning.

Laptop is a bit… dead so I had to do a turbo session on my own.

At one point it said it was going to take 15 hours to fix. Currently on two hours, and this is the laptop I use for work as well :grimacing:

I also have horrific period pains.

:tada: :partying_face:

CANAL :clap:t2: CANAL :clap:t2: CANAL :clap:t2:


Morning. I’m awake, and to be honest, really quite annoyed about that.

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what the fuck?! :exploding_head:

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Those mornings suck. Wake up and you’re like “oh fucking hell, not again”.

Today isn’t Friday is it? FFS

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Morning! Working doing stuff and also supervising the kids. So far R is watching family guy and V is watching Faze Mews on YouTube ( :woman_shrugging: nope me neither, appatently he is a twitch streamer) after I rudely woke them both at 8 to attempt getting them to go to bed at a reasonable time.

Raining a lot so won’t even get my new mini greenhouse built I bet.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day.


Living your best life.

Should finally be getting my skipping rope today so I plan to do some skipping. Also Thursday is smoothie day (strategically placed on shopping day to use up the past-best fruit from last week).

That’s a pretty action-packed day by recent standards.

Only in America - over here it’s either Cardomam or Cardomam, occasionally Cardomammy for the younger peoples.


I knew supersede was spelled with an s and not a c.
I knew it ages ago, knew it first time. It was peeeezeeeeeee

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I will be mostly channeling the worst YouTube presenting style in the world as I record some maths videos for my class.

It’s really hard to not fuck up what you’re saying every two seconds

Hi everyone…ah bollocks forgot what I was going to say starts again

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