Every time someone gets their hair done or goes for a new style


I always think it looks worse. Will obviously say it looks nice/nicer. But I think it looks worse.

  • I agree with you on this one
  • I do not agree with you on this one
  • This is outrageous!

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This thread is a fucking shambles


your new avatar looks nice!!

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sounds like SOMEONE has had a new ‘do’. I love it!


I actually couldn’t be happier with it!

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I deliberately get hair cuts I don’t like because then it grows into the style I like and lasts for awhile, whereas if it looks right from the start it will be a mess in a week


Always think it looks ridiculous first time I see them but by the end of the day I can’t remember what it looked like before. The only exception I can think of is a bloke from my old work who adopted a topknot a solid 18 months after the topknot had come and gone.


think the topknot is the best look for men’s hair. Think they look amazing

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Honestly can’t remember the last time I saw one.

  • Topknot
  • Top-not

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Any interest in a bit of a subthread where we invent some new hairstyles?


meet me at KFC

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Short back and slides… Have the outline of a slide shaved into each side of your head


How about one where it’s a really long fringe that covers the entire face, shaved on top and spiky at the sides and back?


If someone got that haircut I would say “I think it looks great and really suits you!” but might pronounce suit like suet so they would be thinking “did he say suet instead of suits?”


That sounds like a good time!


Chamakh must have had this one.


live, laugh and loathe! that’s what i say!


Fucking state of his barnet, man. Had forgotten about it.


Sometimes wonder if giving up hairstyles for DIY clipper cuts in my 20s was where it all went wrong for me.