Every worlds end girlfriend release is available for free on bandcamp if you want some Japanese electronica/post-rock/neo-classical

This is a good start;


I had never heard of WEG before thie post, and have been listening to Last Waltz and it’s bloody brilliant. So I wanted to say thank you. I will now have to seek out their back catalogue.

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That’s not one of my personal favourites. Hurt break Wonderland might be the closest sounding album to it (though Meguri would be the first thing I’d tell anyone to check out).

Try out go-qualia too;

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Think I picked it because it was first on Spotify. :). I’ll keep going with the others and will check out go-qualia as well, thanks. (Will try to remember to come back here and listen to your link when I don’t have Pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs pigs blasting out around the house which is a tad distracting…)

I checked out Hurtbreak Wonderland on recommendation from this thread. I like it, thank you for the recommendation!

Glad you liked it!

Listening to it now and it’s bloody brilliant - thank you.

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